Cite Us: Wei Y, Zhang S, Shang S, Zhang B, Li S, Wang X, et al. SEA: a super-enhancer archive [J]. Nucleic acids research. 2016, 44(D1):D172-9.
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SEA version 3.0 (i) stores the newly predicted super-enhancers and enhancers of 11 species based on a more optimized rules, expands the types of Cell/Tissue/Disease from 134 to 260, extends the SEs ranking factors from 1 to 3 and the number of species would be increased when the needed data emerge; (ii) includes experimentally identified and confirmed super-enhancers; (iii) lists the functional compositional organization for each SEs through Hi-C data based peak calling; (iv) provides the cell-type/tissue/disease specificity of super-enhancer with an quantitative entropy value; (v) includes online regulatory network supporting flexible analysis of the relationships among coding / non-coding genes and super-enhancer; (vi) supplements classification of publications related to super-enhancers which should be useful for biologist following advance of super-enhancer research; (vii) updated the visualization tool “Browser View of Super-Enhancers”, which is contained of abundant annotation tracks with supporting customized views in genomic scale; (viii) integrates Enrichr into SEA version 3.0 to process the functional significance analysis of these super enhancers.

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